Amulet is about community. We could write all the content ourselves but what fun would that be? So we seek you. And here are some things we are seeking for our Winter issue.
Stories around traditional holiday rituals and gatherings. Dogma aside, how is the Light all One?
Stories that weave multi-cultural/spiritual traditions.
Narratives on where you are this season: emotionally, physically, geographically, and spiritually.
Ceremonies + Rituals + DIY’s that feed YOU so you have strength and energy during this busy season.
DIY + traditions with kids around holiday times.
Traditional recipes from your families. How have you made them healthy, organic and wholesome?
What are your herbal remedies for this season? What do you wildcraft in your part of the world? Do you make earth-based healing remedies for people for gifts?
What’s so sexy about the winter? Where is the sacred and profane falling right now in the stillness of the earth? We want edgy and thought provoking.
Do you know any incredible musicians and writers you’d like to interview? What kind of music and books do you want to talk about for this season?
We love travel pieces!
* High quality photography and art around your submissions is welcomed.
* We look for extremely high quality and authentic stories around these conversations.
*Please purchase our magazine if you haven’t already before submitting. This way you can see the style and quality we represent and decide if your writing/photography is a match.
*Also please follow our Submissions Check List before you send anything to us at
We are also interested in pieces that could be used on our blog, something lighter and shorter perhaps or time sensitive for immediate posting. Please be sure to mention “blog post” when you submit.
We love a good give*away. If you are interested in having us give*away a service or product of yours on our blog, please contact us at the above email.
We look forward do seeing what you hold around Winter. Until then, enjoy the Fall to its delicious, spicy, deathly fullness.