Alena Hennessy alena hennessy for as long as I can remember I have been making art of some kind. I would spend hours drawing on the back of my Grandmother’s geography “dittos”–creating imaginary worlds of rainbow puddles, ants, horses, and dozens of fashionable ladies. Things of course have since evolved, but never has my desire faded for creating.
You can find Alena’s art, courses and book at:
Ali Segersten ali segersten is a cooking instructor, empowering people with cooking skills and knowledge of whole foods so that they may reconnect with the pleasure in eating delicious, nourishing food.
alicia theide alicia theide is first and foremost a gypsy, secondly a lover of words, tattoo and music and love is her religion.
alisha sommeralisha sommer I am an encourager, an inspirer, a word-crafter, storyteller.
angelique arroyo angelique arroyo is breeder of passionate wise women, a keeper of the Way of diving into the center, being with ourselves {all parts of ourselves} so we can heal and honor the whole of our souls, raw and real.
anne carmack anne carmack Anne Carmack is a Santa Monica based artist, writer & short filmmaker.
ariana felix ariana felix I’m a visionary light lover, universal believer, & observer of becoming.
athena perakis athena perakis I am a warrior goddess by name + nature and I help cultivate human potential as a corporate learning and development exec and hand-crafting a variety of inspired items online in my Etsy shop, Sage Goddess.
  bachandev kaurbachandev kaur soul infusion & love incarnate, Bachandev is mama poetica immersed in the work of transformation. Bringer of gentleness & cultivator of wholeness through heart- centered lifestyle design, she can be found dancing in the living room with baby on hip while her naked three year old guru runs wild & free. She is an awakening one, howling her truth to the moon & back. She holds space to uplift + inspire @
  c. delia mulrooney c. delia mulrooney is a writer, editor, and writing teacher whose work has been published in a variety of print and online magazines.
  celeste evans johnstonceleste evans johnston is a momma, artist, and yogi. She lives with her husband and teenage children, in a small rural community in Alberta, Canada. Her days are spent creating art and magic within the walls of their rambling old Craftsman cottage.
  c. delia mulrooney c. delia mulrooney is a writer, editor, and writing teacher whose work has been published in a variety of print and online magazines.
chanelle sinclar chanelle sinclar dream-dreamer., Owner/Photographer of iamchanelle photography.
claire beaumont claire beaumont uncensored, unedited and unleashed, Claire can be found reeling and writhing her own tall tale in the margins of a pocket thesaurus.
darlene kreutzer darlene kreutzer lives in the urban wilds of Western Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and she is grateful for family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love.
debbie leavitt debbie leavitt is the magic and creatrix of sheswai lacquer, eco-chic nail polish. she creates modern glamour with a rootsy feel.
dominique ashaheed dominique christina ashaheed. Mother. Teacher. Writer. Dominique has won the Women of the World Poetry Slam Championship and performed with Saul Williams, Staceyann Chin, The Last Poets, Dead Prez and countless others.
Dominique Ashaheed is certain that words make worlds.
dr anna stid dr. anna stid Dr. Anna is the channeling, singing Head Miracle Worker at Espiritu Wellness Center, offering the cutting edge health & wellness strategies.
dr jessica r metcalfe dr. jessica r. metcalfe Turtle Mountain Chippewa. Writes, teaches and curates a seriously sweet collection of Native American art, fashion, and design.
eileen nishi eileen nishi Intuitive photographer. Blogger. E-course Instructor. Loyal Friend. Baseball Mama. Helping people see a better world & how they are being in it – through the lens of their camera.
ellen sesmundo ellen sesmundo is a mother, wife, student midwife, Ayurvedic doula, artist, poet, playwright, jewelry designer, activist for human, indigenous, and women’s rights, stylist and costume designer. You can order custom-made jewelry from Elle at
erin darcy erin darcy is an artist and mother living in Ireland and who is divine adance with her muse.
erin faith allen erin faith allen Divine creatrix and soul-archaeologist who teach mixed media art and soul workshops that hold the space for creative and wild souls.
galia alena galia alena light chaser, wanderlust gypsy, clay slinger, paint splasher, word crafter, sacred journaler.
jane cunningham jane cunningham is the conduit for love & healing at
jeanette leblanc jeanette leblanc Jeanette lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner and their delightfully unruly children and writes about life, love and beauty and creates inspired design at Peace.Love.Free.
jenica mckenzie jenica mckenzie Woman single, Mama to four, a creatrix and dreamer currently living in Utah.
jena strongjena strong i’m a poet, writer and mama devoted to waking up, making the coffee, and seeing what happens. My high school senior class voted me “Most Likely to Make You Look and Wonder,” a superlative I finally came to understand at the age of 36, when I came out of the closet.
jennette nielsenjennette nielsen i am Truly, Madly, Deeply & On Purpose: a Maker, the owner of Smashing Rubbish: a vintage and handmade shop, a Community Centered Herbalist (CCH), a mama to 2 brilliant boys, a partner to my beloved, and a sister-keeper. Boho-Naturalist Styling, Decoration & Design is my gig and Make-to-Mend is my prayer. Hang out with me at
jessica seaton jessica seaton Jessica Seaton’s innate creations are inspired by her love for nature, her mild obsession with death, rebirth, the unknown and everything old.

karen delany dino karen delany dino Sister*Keeper Karen D is a wellspring of warmth, friendship, photography, art & writing.
katarlina fageringkatarlina fagering I am a photographer, mixed media artist, fumbler in assemblage and want-to-be-painter. Aside from the art world I aspire to be a yogi, a mud runner, and a healthy human being.

katie-150 katie hess is the speaker, visionary healer & flower ninja behind Lotus Wei, organic flower elixirs, energy mists, balancing serums, natural and organic perfumes found at the world’s most exquisite spas & retreats.
kayrene kelley kayrene kelley Kayrene makes everything by hand in her leatherwork studio, which is set up for wild, mad leatherwork production created in hurricane style.
kelly clark kelly clark Kelly Clark, the multi-disciplinary creatrix behind UmberDove, spends her days listening to trees murmur, watching eagles dance, filling pockets with nests and stones, wandering deep woods and deeper water, before finally bringing it all back to her Seattle studio and singing it into magic.

keri jioras keri jioras
Jewelry designer at Love Light Jewelry Design, she mixes and re-mixes her visions so that her creation is consciously one-of-a- kind.
kim kranz kim kranz artist and singer and wolf. creator of The Wild Unknown Tarot and singer in the mystically beautiful The Family Band.
krista glavichkrista glavich Photographer mama quietly expanding and creating her own magic in the Northern California foothills … carnivals, tornadoes and the deep sea are just a few of her big deals.
latisha guthrie latisha guthrie mama. Nature girl. Plant philosopher. Joy junkie. Sensory herbalist. Join her at for more play and less protocol.
laura emily laura emily Laura Emily is the creatrix of Good Earth Living, founder of the Apothecary Circle, and host of several online circles designed to help women plant and nurture their own holistic lifestyle.
leigh steele leigh steele leigh steele Leigh is a mother and creatrice who lives in Pheonix.
linden weisslinden weiss Linden is a true guidess, someone we all could use a little forest walking, storytelling time with. Her and her husband offer Soul Folk Wyld in Northeast Connecticut. You can reach her at Northeast Connecticut
lisa hofman lisa hofman Joy Warrior & full-time creative aspirant, Lisa attempts to weave magic into her every day, anyway she can.
lisa reinhardt lisa reinhardt Wei of Chocolate CEO & chocolatier, she believes chocolate is a tool for meditation and spiritual practice.
maggie ann bishop maggie ann bishop I am here to help other’s find the path their Soul speaks of, holding their hand along the way; listening with my heart.
nicole brown nicole brown Nicole, a rhetoric professor, descends from an ancient line of Italian gardeners and is nurtured— along with her karmic partner and 9-year old daughter—growing Moondance Farm in Washington State.
nicole colinareznicole colinarez i’m a word weaving, book devouring, tattoo adoring, occult lover living in Southern California with my husband and our three children. When not chasing a giggling toddler around the house, wading through the beautiful quagmire that is being the mother to a teenage girl, or discussing the latest Minecraft discovery with my son, I can be found seeking the Sacred Divine by way of hearth and home.
nika ridley nika ridley Is a mother, farmer, wildwoman and is charmed by snakes.
rachael bllardrachael bllard life long nature worshipper, mama to four, curiosity collector, potion maker, tarot reader, photographer, and crafter.
rachael haley rachel haley is a mother, doula, writer, and wannabe farmer living in a magical pocket of upstate New York. Her husband and three children inspire her everyday. More explorations of seeking the sustainable in family, food, and spirit can be found at
rachael rice rachael rice Rachael Rice is a living, breathing dream catcher living in Portland, Oregon.
robyn beaufoy robyn beaufoy can be found felting, painting & masterfully chalk-illustrating every surface of her home when she’s not playing Waldorf grades teacher to a room full of adolescent souls.
robyn rae johnston robyn rae johnston is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. She is a professionally trained Feng Shui practitioner, specializing in Nine Star Ki Consultations and elemental alignment.
roslyn fay roslyn fay founded True Colors TV, the inspirational video network for women offering inspiring on living happier, more authentic, creative and fulfilling lives.
stacy de la rosa stacy de la rosa Stacy is a mama, artist of life, and writer. When she is not being a co-op mama to her two young daughters, she can be found rooting down in gratitude at her blog and rising queens at In her spare time she also makes sacred amulets and takes photographs daily.
stephanie perkinson stephanie perkinson an artist, mama and holistic health coach who is continually inspired by nature and life’s everyday simplicities. www.stephanie-perkinson…
susannah conwaysusannah conway i’m a photographer and author, and I lead creative courses online. My first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart, hit bookshelves in June 2012. I’m a born-again Londoner, a confident introvert, a very proud auntie to Noah and I’ve been told I sound a bit like Kate Winslet (it could be worse, non?).
thea coughlin thea coughlin is a teacher of connection — who happens to be a photographer. And mama. And listener. And friend.
todd smithtodd smith todd is a self-taught creative writer of “Life”. With no classroom training and little education (High School diploma). Todd began writing for no other reason than to find healing in dealing with his anxiety and depression. To follow Todd through his journey in creative writing, you can follow him on twitter@twsmith4writing
winona grey winona grey “As one of seventeen children, I have always been trying to define myself. She makes fine art photography of your beloveds at