About Amulet:
As women we both felt the need to pay attention to what’s happening outside our windows, to use nature’s expression as a map to how we live our lives.
As mother’s we work hard to pass on the practice of rituals around nature’s rhythm to our kids.
As community members we have always been pulled to gather: to cook, craft, conjure, create, to make space pretty and pass around stories + nourishment.
Together we have 7 children a flock of birds, a handful of dogs, another handful of passions, and love affairs to keep alive and lit. We also have the need for a quiet bath once in a while. We can’t always do it all. This is a fast and busy life. But we try, and our lives work, in many ways, is creating sustainable rhythms for our families.
We wanted to offer up a gift, a reminder of what we are doing {or want to be doing}- witnessing the seasons turn, the moon change shape, and honoring the rhythm that rolls from the Earth. We knew that living this way is meant to ease our worries, smooth our stress, and bring us back to what nourishes us: our connections to the earth, our family, our community, and most importantly, ourselves.
 Sometimes we just need a guide, something laid out beautifully that helps us walk around the seasonal wheel intentionally with patience and practice. Something that allows us to dig deep into our lives. Something to the kids, our partners, our far reaching communities.
So we created Amulet Field Guide. We created it as much for us as for you. This has always been the ways of the woman, to time keep the seasons.
 This is our expression of that ancient way. Accessible to all of us. Easy to use. And filled with love.
Amulet Field Guide’s come out four times at year at the turn of each season. It’s available in both digital and print formats and the pages are filled with consciously curated articles, interviews, DIYs, recipes, herbal wisdom, tools, talismans, rituals, art and inspiration on seasonal living. Our contributors are from around the world, offering progressive content that honors the old ways with modern flair. Amulet Field Guides are true guides to earth-based creative, soulful and sustainable living. Reference the field guides often, pass them around and then down through the generations.

Our mission is to serve and support the innate need to co-create with the internal and external seasons, cultivating a life rhythm that nourishes and sustains.
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