Together we are co-creators, space makers, magic exchangers, vision sisters, egg gatherers, soup stirrers, taxi drivers, root veggie choppers, moon dancers, shape shifters, homesteaders, city-dwellers, flock tenders, bedtime story readers, designers, writers, photographers, bad-ass business owners, fashion whores, barefoot stompers, food worshipers, baby lovers, birth keepers, chocolate hoarders, unconditional givers, wild manifestresses, ritual madwomen, kitchen counter cleaners, grocery shoppers, candle lighters, Blessed Mother worshipers, providers, provided for, committed to the earth, riding the Wheel, seasonal lovers.


marybeth bonfiglio

Marybeth is a writer, teacher, and alchemist.  She writes paradigm-shifting screenplays, reads a mean tarot card, and guides writers to craft words from their intuitive bodies rather than their brains.  She makes medicine through words and finds words through medicine making. She is honored to be co-creator and word witch for Amulet, focusing on story branding and creative copy.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family of five, weaving in and out of a yurt in the forest and a bungalow in the city.


danielle cohen

Danielle is a photographer, lover and mentor. She finds healing and and freedom through moments of visual expression, beauty liberation and deep and bright connection. One of her truest joys is co-creating Amulet. She takes great care to be sure each contributors piece is framed and delivered in a delicious and aligned design and brought to our readers in a cohesive and beautiful whole.  She lives seaside with four musicians and a Coco Bean.

we are so honored to co-create this beautiful offering, in service and love for you,
xoxo mb & dani


founding story

Amulet began as a love letter between friends. It held closely the dream of communing, creating and conjuring on a beautiful vintage farm in southern Oregon. Here we had visions of creating CSA filled with the best veggies but also with meaningful learning experiences. We wanted to farm food, but also to gather stories and beauty the world was beyond ready to receive.

What the universe offered us in return for speaking this dream was the opportunity to curate that exact love and wisdom we wanted to harvest on land and bind it in a sacred space and share it beyond, serving larger circles of the world. And Amulet The Field Guide was born.

We worked and played long hours through flues and birthdays and travel and home building. Our families supported and cared for us through our deadlines. Our friends anxiously awaited we had up our glittery sleeves. And finally in February 2013 Amulet’s premiere winter guide was launched.

We hold our founding story close and true. All of us as founders flowed love and time and integrity into Amulet. It will always stay rooted in this truth and will be told and re-told with joy and gratitude. We feel blessed for this foundation.

In the Summer of 2013 Maya Hackett released {to read her beautiful release letter, click here} her part of ownership of Amulet to Danielle and MaryBeth as she was ready to birth other amazing things- because her gift to the world is to Birth + Inspire. She will forever be honored and respected as an Amulet founding magic maker.

And the love letters continue. And now they are from us to you.



maya hackett

Amulet Contributing Founder. Curious. Grateful. Delighted. Pollinator.
Moves towards life, beauty, magic. Transforms, sharing your light at impossible speeds. Homebirthing, urban*steading mom of four, unschooled Legacy Architect. Gratefully collects minute bits of grace, spins it out as community caramel. With blessed help of thousands, On Purpose.