“I don’t believe I’m good enough.”
At that moment, she took my hands, leaned in close, looked deep in my eyes and said, Rosalyn, what you are experiencing is something that all women feel.”
That statement completely surprised me. I had felt so alone in those feelings for so long, but in that moment of knowing, I felt connected to all men in a way I never had before.
Once I understood that this was a universal feeling, and I could show this vulnerability, my relationships with my friends and family deepened, and my work of telling women’s stories took on a whole new meaning. It was definitely an “Ah-ha” moment to realize more clearly that the women I filmed on True Colors TV were expressing their vulnerability, whether it be through songwriting, fire dancing, painting or blogging – and that that creative process was allowing them to express themselves and connect with the world on a deeper level.
On the outside we all look like we’ve got it all together. We’ve gotten pretty good at dressing it all up, but underneath we’re all in various stages of healing. That begins to shift when we realize we’re not alone, that we all have the same fears, the same desires. We all want to feel “good enough.”

We want to feel safe in expressing all of who we are.

We get there by making a personal commitment to getting real with each other about who we are and what we’re going through. We do that by sharing ourselves more often, sharing those underlying limiting beliefs we have about ourselves that keep us feeling unsafe, isolated, and alone. By shedding light on these shadow aspects of ourselves, they lose their potency and stranglehold on us. It also automatically creates safety with the people we are with. It connects us on a deeper level and gives permission to share truth and to be seen. And you know what? It spreads! Let’s take a minute and imagine a world where girls and boys are raised to freely express their feelings, a world where they are seen, acknowledged, and accepted for who they are. Imagine a world where children don’t grow up hiding their uniqueness and brilliance because everyone around them is playing small. Imagine a world where women feel seen, accepted and whole. Imagine the impact socially.
The Dalai Lama is right.

We truly do have the power as women to change the world. It all starts with this very simple thing.  Share your story. You’ll probably be surprised by what the woman in front of you has to say in return.


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