Ana Ottman helps creative entrepreneurs bring their vision to life through words. She’s the creator of My E-Letter Ally and also writes literary fiction. Get her more of her secrets and stories here.
How does your sense of worth affect you in your business?
My sense of worth is inseparable from how I operate my business. From deciding what to charge to creating project timelines to dreaming up new offerings, it all comes back to my belief in my own skills and the gifts I have to offer the world.
When your worth is shaken, what do you do to recalibrate?
I spend time by myself in my most restorative environments: my home, small spas, and nature. I journal, meditate, take baths, do yoga, get massages and energy work, hike, and move my body.
Does a sense of worth come easy for you or do you have to work at it? Has it always been that way? If it’s come easy why do you think that is, if it’s been work, what are the most powerful things you’ve done {or do} to really connect you to your sense of worth?
It has never come easy for me, and I think of it more like a choice I make every day than a one-time activity I can cross off my to-do list. The most powerful thing I’ve done to connect to my sense of worth is to spend time with myself, getting to know who I am when I’m not in relation to other people as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and writer-for-hire. When I do that, I always come back to the sacred intuitive knowledge that I’m worthy just as I am, in this very moment, and that I have everything I need to create the vision I have for my life.
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