I love Love. Love love love love Love. Open Heart Reception. Giving Fully. I want my body to felt up by it, with waves of it spilling over me, dropping me to my knees in graceful ecstasy. I want to roll around on fur blankets with it. I want to dive in its pool and get drowned by it.  I want it to heal me. I want to hold hands with it, make babies with it, and solve the worlds’ woes with it. Love. I want love. So do you.
Drop the following in a light base oil such as almond or coconut and slather all over your body, or drop the following in purified water in an atomizer bottle and spray all over your love business as well. Meditate on what love is for you. Write love notes and bless them with this spray. Anoint your space.

Everything. In the name of Love. Everything.
{Please use your nose. We don’t desire to teach you your inner ways. You need no teacher, you are your own goddess. Experiment with smells. Take some out, put some in. This is just a general nectar of the sex goddess that we like to use around these parts to get our parts moving and flowing.}