Interview with Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown Tarot

wild unknown tarot

What’s the story of your relationship to tarot? Was it the art that brought you to cards or the cards that brought you to art? Or did you somehow meet on the edge of both?

Oh definitely the artwork led me to the tarot! Drawing the deck gave me a relationship and understanding of the cards that I don’t think I could’ve found by just using another deck out there… I spent a long while trying to find a deck I felt connected to, and then I finally realized I had to draw one for myself.

What’s some of your process in creating the images of the cards? Do you have ritual or just spontaneous inspiration? What’s either or both of those look like?

Drawing the tarot was like a dream come true art project for me. It was like giving myself 78 amazing assignments to complete. I started off with a sketchbook – one page devoted to each card. I filled each page with little sketches, phrases, notes. I asked friends what animals and images led them to certain concepts. I had several tarot focus groups at my house, where I’d have people look at certain cards and tell me what they meant, just instinctually. It was important to me that my friends could sense what the cards were about… not through symbolism but through the feeling of the drawing. Some cards, like The Three of Wands and The Hanged Man I drew five, six, seven times before I settled on the image that’s in the deck now.




Your music is beautiful. I was introduced to a CD a while back by my friend singer/songwriter Keri Jioras — who saw your band open for Phosphorescent a couple of times… Talk sweet music with me. Who do you love, who do you dance to, who or what do you hope to be channeling when you
share these sounds?

Well, I’ve never felt like it was the right opportunity to talk about my singing in Ayurvedic terms… but I think with you ladies it might just be ok! I am very Vata. I am ruled by wind energy. I struggle to stay grounded, warm, and nourished. Yet my voice… the actual sound of my voice is the part of me with Kapha (earth) energy. When I sing, it feels like there is something solid underneath me. It is calm, and strong and sure. That, I have come to realize, is why it feels so good to sing. My very favorite music is PhosphorescentPink Mountaintops, Black Mountain and Witch. But I’ll dance to Kanye’s All of The Lights till I’m an old,
old woman…kim_krans

What’s your best medicine?

Herbal tea + meditation + sunshine

Favorite body adornment?

I’ve wanted a Keith Richards skull ring for a long time now, but my major friends at Bona Drag sent me a ring that’s real close to it… It’s a Susanna Wainhouse oversized skull with red garnet in the eyes. Garnet’s healing properties are restorative and warming, perfect for Vata.

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