Happy New Year!

May this 2014th year bring us all freedom, bliss, and comfort. May it activate our senses, invigorate our systems, and nurture our cells. May it cause us to take leaps that feel strange and beautiful and hard and exactly perfect and bring us to the most satisfying feeling of home- the one where we fully settle in our hearts and souls.
We hope your holy days of this season nourished and fed you. That you created new memories and shared traditions and rituals of the past. That your body rested and you released some shadow and created some space for the light, the hope that is indeed just ahead. Whether you are standing under a dusting of snow or soaking in the winter’s sun on a beach- we hope you are feeling the magic of this time of year. When our bodies can sit and rest a while longer, generate warmth from the inner light, from the inner love. Blessed be.
Now we wanna give you a gift! We are so grateful to the divine LoveLight’s Keri Joiras – a Seattle based jewelry designer featured in our premiere issue – for gifting the Amulet community a $50 credit to use in her shop {http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelightjewelry}. Keri did a drawing today and the winner is………
Deanna Noris!
A little birdy also told us that today was Deanna’s birth on earth day also… what a lucky day to be born. Enjoy your credit Deanna. You are going to love being adorned by LoveLight. As Keri Jorias says: “The strongest light is the light that shines within you… it will always guide you home.” We hope you find a talisman that will help your love light shine.
For anyone who hasn’t purchased our super lovely and fun Winter 2014 mini-guide, check it out here http://www.amuletmagazine.com/fieldguide/.
Also, we are accepting winter submissions still for blog posts. If you have something wintery and bright to share from recipe to ritual, photography to DIY, send ’em our way you Priestess of All that is Light. We bow to the magic in each and every one of you.
Much love and grace.
MB + Danielle.