This is about quantum copy, words that are rooted in connecting you & your people through magnetic, well-written experience. It’s about short -n- sweet -n- sexy, full bodied moments mixed with hard-core expressions of your lifestyle and your offerings.
It’s about being honest and telling the living story: the history, the present and the magical future. When we are true to our heart’s moment, crafting stories that are infused with the flame of your passion, it always drips in Gold. It’s true alchemy.
Long gone are the days of forcing some kind of cleverness. Instead it’s this: you, the tides, the fire, the wind, the earth, purpose, service. It’s about celebrating your path and the inspiration to share that. It’s about your story being the boldest brand you have.
Telling is selling. No. Telling is sharing. And sharing is showing that we all are a part of one another.
I’m honored to share some potions that will help you craft golden copy for your sparkling initiative. Writing takes times and practice, it often takes a circle. I am here to honor and support you as you travel within for the perfect words for your life’s purpose.
word up, bless up.



8 ::potions for profusion::

crafting stories:: sharing the life you love.

1: root down, rise up and tell a story:

how did you get to be where you are? what is the a-ha moment? that’s your roots: the why. people want to know the why. maybe it’s a flash of your grandmother & you gardening when you were a child, the first time you sat in circle with other woman, the moment you said Yes. it doesn’t have to be long. it doesn’t need an ending. it’s about the moment, the delicious details of what it looked like when you decided to make a choice. then bring it all back around to what you can offer.


2: learn to beat a rhythm with words:

i love triptychs. threes. repetition persuades people to GET IT, but we gotta have a beat. here’s an example of a rhythmic trifecta on the who i am what i love: Claim the power of story. Spark tales with future’s healing flames. Weave words with sexy lustre. Pick any number and use that as your rhythm to practice writing in that beat. good writing is like a song, and the chorus is what everyone always remembers.

3: don’t process, alchemize:

this doesn’t mean giving up breathtaking content. no. no. no. this means alchemizing your experience from process to story. pro-blogging isn’t journaling your feelings. it’s a genre in itself, taking the point in your journaling you want to take further. so alchemize it into BAM-like copy. you won’t be connecting through flopsy, emotional journaling but through bold fire + truth writing. We don’t need to share all of our process. Some, yes. But some is personal, some is meant for the artist alone in the room. It’s sacred. find away to make that process into a story with an a-ha! That’s the ticket.


4: Short is sweet+sexy:

My heart is in writing screenplays and the most crucial rule of that art is: pick productive words. this does not mean loose the integrity of the story. it’s a constant state of revision, cut, edit, snip, savor, ponder, condense. repeat. remove all the stuff that looks like extra junk, toss the fluffy adjectives. just get to your unique voice. people will feel you faster and stronger, leaner and meaner.


5: alchemy bubbles slowly:

don’t give it all away at once. unfold your stories gradually and master finding the continuous threads and symbols that seem to illuminate your writing. this is your brand without EVEN TRYING! It happens naturally when we dive down to the soulcenter in search for our gems. when I looked back over 7 years of blogging, it was so obvious: alchemy was my thread. it was my “brand” and i didn’t know it while in creation. what i knew was that i was consistently bringing my story back to the elements, magic, transformation, death and birth. so practice writing your story for a month. or a lifetime. the golden threads will be so clear. that is your brand:: full of livity.


6: Be a super shiny earthkeepin’ soulkeepin’ rockstar:

talk about your obstacles. celebrate you clarity. shine on your divinity. define your heroes- give them a name, a place and make them on-going characters. be bright like a bonfire. be gentle like a baby butterfly. be wild like a tigeress looking for a lover. what i’m trying to say is: rise up! don’t hold back your stuff!


7: use visual + word alchemy:

use photos and art to connect your words to your people. share snaps of what you do. keep it real. be poetic. be brief. be spiritual. be hard-core. be silly. be educational. be totally inappropriate {maybe we *do* want to see your boobs, if it helps tell your story, why not?} when you are trying to share information about process, service or product; a photo can get people’s attention and connect with you immediately..


8: alchemy is change:

don’t resist changing. the point is: grow. don’t be monogamous to an idea, brand, or image. this is the art of continual expansion. if you don’t like something, simply move on, but don’t corner yourself into a story that doesn’t feel right anymore. shake it up. shock people. mystify them with your truth. be magic right in front of their eyes. alchemize your world so they can be inspired, more than that – so they can be aflame with their own.