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Harvesting Your Feminine

Inside of you there is a place that holds the truth. A place that holds the balance, the vibrancy, and the nurturing you seek. A place that holds the history of yourself and the women before you. A place that most women desire, on a cellular level, to live from.

This place is your womb.

The home to your feminine. The home to your creativity, your intuition, your vitality, and your greatest insight into exactly what you need at any given moment. However, in our linear world of going, doing, and accomplishing most women have lost contact with the wisdom within themselves.
We don’t feel good about ourselves if we aren’t getting something done all the time. If we aren’t making ourselves available to everyone’s needs. If we aren’t smiling and parading our way through each day, with party favors blowing out our ass.

One of the biggest things every woman is seeking is balance. Right? The infamous balance that we think will make our life beautiful and easy and simple. But balance is bullshit. It doesn’t exist in the form we are seeking. Balance in the idea that we can give an equal amount of time to all the things that mean something to us isn’t real, and we will never achieve it.

But, here’s the thing. There is a different type of balance and you don’t have to seek it. It’s inside of you. It’s a cyclical balance that supports all the seasons of our lives. You can connect with it by harvesting your feminine. And by harvesting your feminine, balance is
not the only thing you will find. You will also find the connection, creativity, rest, energy, and the groundedness you crave. You will find your root, your womb, your center. You will find your truth.

Here are four ideas to nudge that feminine wise root inside of you:

Use your cycle.

Your menstrual cycle is truly your own inner system to give you the exact “balance” you are seeking. Begin to pay attention to your cycle, charting it, noticing it, and appreciating it. It will guide you to a wisdom you have forgotten about until it is found, and only then you will see it was there all along. It is a cycle of abundant energy and creativity, and restorative rest and retreat. Your “PMS” is really a time of revealing your current truth, not a time of irrational bitchies. Your bleeding is really a time of releasing, not a time of inconvenience. Your cycle is the greatest window to your health, not just an irritating cramp induced resistance.

Shit on Shame.

This part of yourself that holds the truth and this part of yourself where your feminine lives gets muddied with shame. Body shame, sexual shame, money shame. The “I’m not good enough” socially supported shame. I urge you to load up on veggies and water and take a nice, healthy shit on this shame. And you don’t even have to work hard to do it. Just begin the journey of harvesting your feminine. Of acknowledging it, connecting with it, giving it what it needs, and allowing it to reveal your truth.

Let go of linear.

With whatever pressure you have on yourself to be a certain, accomplished way, you must remember you are a woman. Of course you carry both masculine and feminine energies, but you are not meant to live only a masculine, linear, active life. You are cyclical and
you are meant to flow in and out and around the curves and hills and waves of your beautiful, and sometimes challenging, life. Let go of the need to perform perfectly and continually,and begin checking in with yourself to know what you really need in any given moment.

Use your intuition and inspiration to spark your action.

Connecting with the cyclical nature of yourself, you will have times where your energy is high right alongside your inspiration. This is the time to act, do, go, aim, create, and birth your womb gestated dreams. Following this will be a time where your access to your intuition is high alongside your desire to rest. Give that to

We must learn to harvest this abundant wisdom that lives inside of us. Your body is designed to
self regulate, to bring forth life and ideas, and to share that truth inside when you follow the
rhythms of yourself and harvest what it reveals.
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Falan Storm is a Mama to three, and a writer for women who want to feel free in their bodies. She lives in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, homeschooling, living life simply, and sharing ways to live a meaningful,
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