Keri Jioras, owner and designer of LoveLight Jewelry was part of Amulet’s first Covet section in our premiere issue last winter.
Her generous heart and full-on love of adorning people has her offering the Amulet community a $50 gift card {good for any purchase $75 or more and good until the wheel turns to Spring on March 21st 2014}.
Leave a comment here  to win!
Drawing will happen on January 2, 2013.
Please visit Keri’s sites to see her gorgeous work:

About Keri:

As Keri steps into the lovelight she allows the process to manifest, as it desires, knowing the process is the actual creatrix of her work. It goes from a seed in her head to a fully formed life on its own. Her hands + heart are grateful to be part of the birth.
Her vision is to adorn the bodies of women who also live in the light but enjoy the sexy shadows as well. She wants her jewelry to be part of their modern transformation through ancient flight. Her styles embody the spirit of the modern tribal poweress and her goal is that when wearing her pieces, women will feel their Inner Light and walk their walk with joy and confidence.
Keri wants her work to transcend all stereotypes and knows each woman who wears her pieces is living in radiance as an expression of her own stunning beauty.

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