I hate being sick. I hate when my kids are sick. I hate when the whole town is sick.

I know that sickness can be really beneficial. I know that when we allow our bodies to burn in sickness our immunities build and that our children incarnate into their older bodies with high fevers. I know all that. But I can’t help hating when kids suffer, when my house feels bogged down with illness and I also don’t enjoy dragging my un-well body all around taking care of business. So once the cold and flu season comes around these parts, I do two things:

*I state an intention: May we all be blessed with vibrant health and well be-ing throughout this season unless illness will bring us more strength and wisdom and clarity, then please allow it to be easy on our bodies and hearts and pass through us quickly. And.
*I make a Whole Life Elixir, otherwise known as 4 Thieves.

My friend L and I made the first batch together 4 years ago. We bought a couple gallons of Apple Cider Vinegar and batted our eyes at local farmers for tons of fresh herbs, garlic and cayenne peppers. We had enough of this elixir to gift people all season long. We drank the stuff, marinated meat in it, used it as salad dressing, cleaned the house in it, put it in our hand soap. I spritzed it around the room when the space felt “sick” or “heavy”. Every year after, friends and I would get together and make batches of it and spread it around our community in abundance.

This year the director of my children’s democratic learning center {www.wheelsoflifecommunityschool.com} asked if we could make a bunch of it for the school and it’s families and also to use as a base for their homemade cleaning products. So we got together one sunny Friday around the first day of Fall and crafted while the kids did their thing learning all around us.

Before I tell you the recipe, here is the story: this vinegar “recipe” dates back to the Black Plague in Marseilles where, according to French folklore, thieves would dowse themselves in this “herbal vinegar” and then steal from contaminated homes and gravestones of the plague’s victims, but the thieves would never contract the sickness. They survived – as well as stole a whole lot of good loot. Whether the story is true or not, many herbalists have crafted their own variation of this amazing anti-viral magical brew of a vinegar.

Here is my version. Typically, I use what’s good in my garden as well as what the farmers have in abundance. Ideally you want to use FRESH herbs. If you don’t have access to them, then don’t fret, use what you have. It’s all healing magic.

What you will need:

*Loads of apple cider vinegar
*Fistfuls of: sage, rosemary, hyssop, oregano, thyme, lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm and mint {you don’t have to use them all, see what you can get and make your own version
5-10 cloves of garlic
1-2 cayenne peppers
*garlic flower essence
*A big gallons mason jar.

{you don’t expect a real recipe from me, right?}

Fill your gallon ball jar with all the herbs, garlic, cayenne and then pour apple cider vinegar over it until it’s fully covered {leave an inch or two at the top of the jar because the herbs will absorb the vinegar. If you are using DRIED herbs, you will want much more vinegar than herbs because it will really absorb it.

Add a few drops of garlic flower essence and say a little spell to rid yourselves of all parasites- internal and auric. Blessed be!

Cap the jars and allow to sit for 2-4 weeks. You can refrigerate or keep in a cool place. If you notice the plant material sticking out of the vinegar, just add more vinegar to cover.
When time has passed {like the next moon cycle} strain all the plant material {please send it back to the earth}. And you can re-jar in smaller jars, give as gifts, put in spritzer bottles, take a shot every morning, put it in your whiskey at night. Get creative with taking your health into your own hands and home. I always do one small jar with half Whole Life Elixir and half raw honey and my kids think it’s the best spiciest sweetest healthy magic potion. Boom!

We hope you craft your own version of this elixir/vinegar and absorb it’s protective powers. We send you love and blessings of health and vitality this Fall season.

xx- MaryBeth

PS- If you have a wonderful. must -have -fall –recipe- for- healing, please send it in and we’ll consider your magic for the blog: amuletmagazine@gmail.com
And if you haven’t yet grabbed your yet click here to do so, it’s full of support, tools and recipes to support and enhance this deliciously dark time of year.