We have been so honored to feature these gorgeous ladies in multiple Field Guides and are over the moon to be offering you the chance to have a free spot in their coveted “Feathering The Nest” e-course. In Feathering the Nest we have the beautiful opportunity to fluff, sparkle and style our inner and outer spaces. It’s a lovely kind of self care that to us feels perfectly Autumn and just in case you haven’t heard about Feathering the Nest yet we asked Stephanie to share a little here. xoxo
To me, Autumn feels like re-birth, even more so than when we ring in the New Year with all the pom and circumstance. Autumn’s birth is subtle and powerful. Quiet and cunning. 
Now is the perfect time to look around your space, your cocoon and ask yourself “How does what I see, serve me”? Are there more than a few places that could use some loving?  Are there areas that are draining your luscious energy?
In Feathering the Nest, Leah and I will show you how to investigate further using some of our favorite Eastern philosophies to help us quide you. In this course we aren’t just focusing on removing clutter and what looks pretty, it’s so much deeper than that. We hold your hand as we bring you through each room of your home, infusing each space with your unique essence as we go.
We want more than anything to show you that your home can become a powerful catalyst for your dreams. When we stir up the energy thats floating around in your home and show you how to invite more of the good stuff in, you’ll start to see beautiful change reflected back to you. 
As artists, designers, and makers of the home ourselves, we know the importance of creating a setting to root into and thrive. Let us help you gently coax the unique beauty in your home out into the open, no matter its shape or size, so that you and your loved ones feel at ease as they move through each space.
Feathering the Nest is a sensual, two week journey and we begin September 30th. We would love to see you there!
I am so honored to be a part of the Amulet family and as a thank you to those who are supporting this gorgeous publication I’m excited to announce that we are gifting away ONE s eat in the class to one of you (a $59 value)!
There are three options to enter the GIVE-away
~ Leave a comment here on the Amulet Blog, telling us what room needs some loving in your house
~ Tweet about the give-away using hash-tag #featheringthenest and come back here to tell us
~ Post on Facebook about the giveaway, tagging Amulet and come back here to tell us
You may absolutely do more than one of these options for a second or third chance to win the seat. 
Contest ends at 8pm on September 29th, and winner will be announced shortly after!
There is more! As a special thank you to each visitor in this sacred space, we are honored to offer a 15% discount on the class. Please use the code: AMULET at checkout to receive your discount!!
A bit about the ladies behind Feathering the Nest:
Stephanie Perkinson is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach and mama to two young boys. Leah Kent is an artist, designer and holistic life coach. These two east coast ladies created Feathering the Nest to show women how to connect with their deepest desires and favorite things as a way to make their home into a nurturing soul space.
To Learn more and register, come visit at: