Here we are.  The summer is coming closer to fall.  In some places it’s the height of heat waves, and in others the weather begins to wane and we see the darker side peeking out: leaves slightly turning, cool evening air, and the last of our berries blooming.
Where I live we get wild with blueberries everywhere. We are seduced by their sweetheart-ness and sassy tartness.  Blueberries {in it’s native and cultivated forms} are growing wild at three thousand feet high in mountain meadows {keeping the bears and critters happy}, versions of them grow around park trails, and of course the famers markets are overflowing with them.  The kids and I visit rows and rows of purplish bluish heaven at U-picks around town.  Ker plunk Ker plunk- our pails fill up and we try not to eat them all before we get in the car.
If you aren’t in berry country most likely now is the time they are being shipped in from somewhere, hopefully somewhere with sustainable and organic growing practices.  When it comes to berries, in general, please try to grow yourself or pick yourself from organic farms. If that’s not possible, always buy organic from your natural market or local farmers market.  Pesticides literally destroy their healing powers and also contaminate our bodies not to mention really piss off neighboring organic farms being contaminated by the massive spraying that goes on.  Yuck. Gross. Boo.  But let’s not go there.  Let’s celebrate these little blue nuggets of health.
Spiritually speaking, blueberries, not far from the color of your sixth chakra, or 3rd eye area, help awaken and deepen your inner senses including {in}sight.  Blueberries amazing blue allies this time of year- to prepare us for “night vision”, for the darker season coming up.  So we eat a hell of a lot of them now in all forms {plus freeze them for later} and don’t forget to make potions out of them {recipe in our mini blueberry recipe book!} to take during the fall and winter months to keep our 3rd eye open and “seeing” the expansive light from within while we travel into Darkness.
Blueberries are wonder healers to our physically bodies as well.  Now is the time to indulge in them for their gifts to us:
*Memory Uplifter + Brain Power Elevator

*Lover : sensual heart healer

*Priestess of the Blood –holy and happy and flowing

*Stress Ass Kicker.

*Cancer Warrior

*Cholesterol Samurai

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“It happens every time. They all become blueberries”

-Willy wonka