Calling all world dominators. Or Dominatrixes.
Are you heading to the summit? Do you take amazing photos and love to write about your adventures in life with a personal and compelling narrative? Do you have a strong and bold voice? Can you see the detail, the pieces that bring it all together? Do you feel confident weaving the colors and sounds and energy as a story to share with others?
If you do we’d love to talk to you about covering the World Domination Summit in Portland Oregon happening just about now For Amulet.
Think about it. Really dig into why you are there. Talk to people around you. Ask them why they are there. Take note. Stalk superstars and make them tell you their magic secrets. Listen carefully. Pull the golden threads from everywhere you wander and every word your heart captures. Make us all want to go next year and forevermore.
Please send your writing samples to and tell us what you want to cover this electrifying event. We are looking for the highest quality photos as well as a stellar written piece. If you think you are up for it, let us know. We’d love to see this journey through your eyes.