It’s summer. And Amulet is alive this season, acting as a beacon and guide for all the modern wise women {people} out there.  It’s a juicy issue: passion, play, prosperity, movement and fire.  It’s truly incredible and we hope you enjoy the love that has been infused inside it, especially for you.  Filled with stories of amazing contributing visionaries, it’s time to be heard. We believe in that and hope you do to.
photo credit:: Vivienne McMaster Photography
Today the girls and I are wandering through the trails around the lake, picking berries: salmonberries are still around, thimbleberries are strong and we are just waiting for those blackberries to emerge in their depth.  Their abundance is always a testament that there is plenty of everything to nourish us. Earth is Abundance.
photo credit:: Vivienne McMaster Photography
The energy of summer is always intense for me.  Like decisions have to be made, things must get moving, burning, transforming. Summer is always fire, never easy or mellow, but strong and bold- and I like it.  Even just lying in the sun and doing nothing, it’s apparent the energy is on High and things are being shifted and embers are glowing in my inner world.  It’s a time of change, of preparing for the next journey while savoring the joy of what’s right in front of me.  It’s basking in the Light. And knowing the Light is transformative, a catalyst. Alchemy.
photocredit:: Vivienne McMaster Photography
I love summer.  The bare legs.  The sun-streaked hair. The kids thrown in bubble baths with homemade popsicles. Dirty feet.  Sandy sundresses. Cold craft lagers with my man. Chilled white wine with my sisters. Sitting by streams, fairy seeking. Long, long days and late bedtimes, with stories that go on forever.  Cherry tomatoes.  Basil. Waking up to bright sun and a whole day of adventure.  Movement. Brightness. Bold. Active. Food. Love.
photo credit:: Danielle Cohen
The moon was amazing last night and the night before and even right now at 9:30am PST. It’s a big phat mama and I can feel her holding the light of the fire in her belly.  That’s how I feel.  Lit up with passion.  There is a flame in my feminine heart.  The energies of my water and the hot sun and flowing in purpose. There is so much love to give.  There is so much love to receive.  There is such prosperity in knowing that the fire is eternal.  We are always provided for.  I say thank you to the watery balance of this moon to her lover the fiery sunshine.  Thank you.  For reminding us, so bluntly, how to embrace each season, each day, each moon, each turn.
Speaking of berries.  And fruit.  I live in a mecca of amazing summer fruit harvest.  Between the cherries and berries and peaches it’s a sweet, juicy orgy over here in Washington State with our farm to table lifestyle.  And since seasonal eating- and drinking- is our thing and this recipe fulfills both!
Behold the power of the fruit and allow it to give you it’s magic in the middle of winter by making this delicious – and sassy- rum remedy.
photo credit:: Kalayne Jensen
Rumtopf {which literally means ‘rum pot’} is a Danish desert to savor the gifts of summer and opportunity for us to gather fruits from our farmers and preserve them in a big girl way!
-Gather all your best fruit. Pick them. Buy from the farmers. Organic. Beautiful. Ripe. Colorful.  Doesn’t matter which kinds. Do a combo of a bunch.  Make sure they are seasonal and local to you. Or make a few different varieties.  Clean your fruit and weigh it.
-Add 50% weight of fruit with sweetener: brown sugar, sugar in the raw, coconut sugar, ½ sugar, ½ molasses.  Just make sure it’s 50% of fruit weight.
-Mix sweetener and fruit very well, cover and store in refrigerator over night. This will help the maceration process and get everything working together in delight.
-Dump sweetened fruit in a Rumtopf jar- this is a jar that is big with a seal.  Like a mason jar or an airtight cookie jar.  It just needs to be big enough {at least a couple inches of room from fruit to the top.} and be able to be sealed tightly.
-Now cover all the fruit with rum.  Use the best rum possible.  Dark or light or a mix of both.  Cover all the fruit with it.
-Now put it aside and keep checking the rum level.  If it goes below the fruit {fruit absorbs it} just keep adding to the fruit remains covered.
-Continue doing this throughout the season or until your jar is full of rum and you can’t add anymore.
-Wait about 4-6 months.  4 months will bring you right to the holiday time and you can really enjoy it.
-When complete you will have fruit with a high percentage of alcohol and a sweet liquid that tastes amazing.  Serve fruit and/or liquid in cocktails or over ice cream.
This year I think I am going for a pure cherry rumtopf.  But excited to know what combinations you choose!
Cheers! And Happy summer- in case you haven’t yet, don’t forget to purchase your copy of the Summer Field Guide here.
Xxoo, Marybeth {and all of us}
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