“alchemy – the science and art of causing change, both physically and spiritually.”
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On Sundays you can find me with Robyn Wolfe, soap suds to the elbows, felting prayer bowls. Or painting her sink okra + teal while rinsing our brushes. Or pulling hemp strands from burlap ladders for a miniature ship stamped with hopes, while she tea-dyes the sails. On Sundays I take shelter in her living room, and there’s homemade fizzy drinks garnished with garden bits, three pretty pullets watching at the window, scattered notebooks and laptops open to a project we’ve been working on for maybe forever.
Before she was a Waldorf upper grades teacher, after years as a public school teacher, she was a homeschooling blogger. And we met there, online with midday kids making good mess at our tables. When we meet now she shoves goodies into my hands: silk roving, ripe plums, and fresh lip balms. Most prized is a secret bottle quietly gifted amongst our local homeschool sisters: Alchemy Oil.
“My eczema has progressively worsened over the past few years to the point where my whole face would feel tight and itchy even when using Eucerin. I love this oil! I massage it in after a bath and it leaves my skin feeling so nourished. Now my skin stays calm, very rarely having the blistery dry skin that’s plagued me. For someone who is suffering from eczema, this oil is a must.”
~Poppy Peach, Life in the Shire blogger
With Reiki hands and a teachers skill, Robyn blends Helichrysum, tamanu, macadamia nut. Rose hip, apricot kernel. Carrot, lavender and blue chamomile. It’s sun food for skin cells, infused with the energy of change.
So my fourth-time growing belly? Smooth, and certainly stretching, yes, but softly, gently and invisibly. I imagine our baby is dreaming of carrots and chamomile as the golden drops dissolve into my thirsty skin. My lifelong cystic acne? Seems like another lifetime. For puritans who love only a bit of bees balm for the hands and hair, this is the answer to the rest. A glow that looks like you, feels like manna and smells like an orchard of sweet roots.
Maya Hackett
Experience the alchemy* for yourself and begin creating change on a cellular level!