A sacred amulet symbolizes, strength, intuition, trust, protection, courage, healing and magic. It symbolizes our work here on Earth. It is a visual and tangible mantra, which serves as a reminder of our own personal power when adorned on the body.
No two are alike though each one similarly carries the beauty, imperfection, mantras, poetry, rawness, magic, and stories… just as we each do.
I am inspired by stories and nature, ruled by the moon and called to the sea.
My jewelry is often described by others as their personal talisman. I know how they feel; the original necklace I designed for myself that birthed Bella Wish – both my daughter and my business – felt that same way to me. It was a sacred amulet I carried that offered me hope and healing during my fertility journey. It was something tangible that I wore close to my heart knowing that feeling it between my fingers helped to ground me into each moment.
It held moonstone for feminine energies and cycles, an embraced heart made of raw silver representing the circle which held me up to the light while I was living in the shadows. It carried the word hope, stamped by my own hands to symbolize the trust and beauty within my wounds. I then oxidized, brushed and polished to represent life’s natural ebbs and flows for it is within these spirals where our stories are written. It was simple in style, yet plentiful with symbolism.
There is pure beauty in our messy spaces and this is what connects each of us. This is the mission and design behind my necklaces as well.
My jewelry is my story expressed through sacred amulet and what I give to the world.
Stacy de la Rosa