I’ll admit that in my past there were some things that felt easier to avoid or run from or fight against. I found out the hard way that method is a surefire path to bring you right back to the beginning; lessons never learned. One of the things I ran away from was dis-ease and sickness. I wasn’t the “type” that was going to get sick. Neither were my kids. We were strong, healthy, and used plenty of earth-based herbal and food preventative methods to keep vitality in our bodies. There was no time to get sick. No space for it. If I felt something come on, I’d fight it with all my will and literally would stuff away it away somewhere, somewhere in my body I’d ignore.
Well that didn’t last for long. My kids are wiser than me and knew how to surrender to their body signals. As for me? It caught up with me. I was in bed totally ill for over 3 weeks, like a cumulative sick, taunting me for never listening to all the times I should have slowed down.
Just like we can’t avoid the seasons, we can’t avoid what is going on with our bodies. What we can do is support ourselves through the shifts and realize that being sick has deep evolutionary value. Layers of the body/soul that no longer holds true meaning to us can get released and if we support this process, sickness holds possibility for a stronger, flexible, realized, re-birthed self.
Amulet inspires to dig deeper into the soul of each season, not avoid, ignore, or turn our back on what’s happening in nature. We support the practice of trusting that Earth.Mind.Body is exactly where we need to be and find ways to deepen that practice through shifting our eating, our activities and mind-sets. During winter, people tend to get sick. It’s colder, damper and our bodies are more susceptible to break down without good doses of summer’s vitamin D. The external appears to be lying in stillness + death, so it makes sense that our bodies might need to go through the same process. Instead of seeing this as a vice, we see it as a way to learn to support not only the process, but also the growth that can happen on the other side.
* * *
It was my littlest one that brought it home. I held her in my arms the first day her fever was on high, her skinny imp-like body radiated heat into my own flesh. She coughed and drooled all over me and I knew… I just knew that I would be next. I sat there and surrendered. I allowed it to come, nodded to the sickness as Teacher. I couldn’t worry about who would take care of the kids or how I was going to make deadlines. I just knew it was the time to allow a sense of collapse. Sure enough I woke up the next morning burning up and feeling pretty much like a truck had run over my entire body.
My other two girls got it next and then along came their dad shivering and hot with fever. All of us huddled under blankets in make shift beds in front of the hearth and felt very, very sick.
When our fevers climbed higher, I trusted that whatever our super-powered immune systems needed to do, I would allow + support for it to happen. At the same time, I visualized cool light pouring into the holes left open, singed by the internal fire. With my whole heart, I believe that the fever is the teacher/friend, and though it can cause us alarm, the best thing we can do is stay aware in it, watch it, hold it, love through it, and allow it to burn what is weak in the body down to ash. Eventually, the fever {plus mama love + and few home remedies} is what actually becomes the Healer.
I don’t say this flippantly. I know people die of the flu every year. I know it’s no joke. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I do know that living aligned with the Earth makes me feel like I have a great chance of coming out stronger from even the most whoopers of an illness, which ends up being such a great gift of growth. When we don’t allow ourselves to get sick and use the mask of immunizations to keep our bodies from shifting, how can we receive newness, hope and change? This is a question I ask myself often.
Scientifically speaking, there is always something worse brewing and mutating in the germ world that I surely want to be able to fight off. When I use pure surrender to the less harsh illness at hand, grace allows me to build a stronger healthier body, jump starts my immunity to a level of cosmic proportions and so when and if the really awful stuff enters… we can kick it out on it’s ass. Fully. My children always come out of sickness taller, more radiant. They come out ready for whatever is next.
At our house, we don’t use over the counter fever reducers unless nothing else is working and we are fully in suffer’s mode. The life of the fever is crucial to burn through the infection wholly. This past flu these are some things that supported the illness to do its job and also help us through it emotionally.
Yarrow Tea
Elderberry Elixir
Anti-viral honey
A delicious tonic my husband made for me:
2 tablespoons fresh grated ginger
juice of 2 whole lemons
2 cloves of garlic, crushed,
2 tablespoons anit-viral honey
a splash of fine brandy
hot water.
Drink it as a hot tonic.
-Cool clothes sprinkled in peppermint + lavender oil and laid on foreheads, bellies and backs of necks.
-Epson salt baths with rosemary + eucalyptus
-And this invaluable lemon sock treatment for bringing the fever down from the head into the feet.
What you need:
Thin pair of cotton socks
Water and lemons or lemon oil
Wool socks.
Soak cotton socks in warm water with the juice of a few lemons or lemon oil drops.
Squeeze socks out and put on hot little feet.
Then cover the cotton socks with pure wool socks.
The fever begins to move down within a ½ hour. It’s amazing.
We wish you wholeness this season and if it’s your time to be sick, we hope to support you through and hold you as coming out even more bad-ass on the other side.