You are ready to exist*dance between Earth + Sun + Moon, to move deeper In, extend yourself further Out, and become your own Creationista.
You’re ready to live in partnership with Earth, knowing the abundance She holds and how to invite that into your home and community.
You seek ritual as timekeeper + spiritual awakener.
You seek simplicity within your complexity.
You seek your wild to meet your divine subdue.  Your bold to meet your gentle.  You seek to braid yourselves together into the completeness of grace.
You long for less screen-time and more time digging in the dirt or dancing your passions through your city streets.
You know it’s time to uncover the Knowing Ways we have held since always.
You seek roots of support while you integrate your home + craft + art + community relations.   Sometimes it seems like too much to do and be it all.  But we learn to allow every part of our lives to feed the other until it is Whole
Inspiration to create space for ritual in your life using tools + talismans.
Practices to use those rituals in an organic personal rhythm.
Consciously connecting your spirit, your art, and your external world for integration between going “in” for creation + reaching “out” for reception.
Tools for honing + trusting your intuition.
Practice simple seasonal folk herbalism + potion making.
Practice being part of a physical community with, co-creation + Earth activism.
Learn how the moon + star are your teachers.
Learn simple tarot card techniques
Create more play time.
Create pure + true magic.

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