a 21 day course on practicing and owning your worth

Let’s pay attention to how we practice knowing our worth.

Let’s talk about it.


You are Worth, infinite worth. Endless amounts of worthiness.

You are ready to truly create and share. You are ready to care for yourself and others, to live in your highest purpose of the now. You’re ready to tell a new story about who you are and how you show up creatively, in relationships, in business, in wealth and health, in parenting. You are just done with dimming the light because you aren’t sure anyone wants to see it. You are bored and tired of wondering if you are worth doing what you want to do, and how you want to feel. You are over not nourishing yourself in ways that express how worthy you truly are in this world.

But what is standing in your way?

Of owning your gifts? Of knowing how worthy they all are? Of understanding that the world is waiting for you? Like waiting for you, right now, to explore + own your Worth.

You may know the answers to these questions. Or they may be fuzzy. But what is it that keeps you from them? What keeps your unclear?

We believe it’s our personal relationship to our Worth.

What’s important to know is that there is no such thing as being less than or unworthy.

Nobody is more worthy than you.

Each and everyone of us emanates an aura of gold.

We can see yours. But can you?

WHY GOLD::IMG_1414-gold

Why live in denial our inimitable creative force?

Why not tell a new story about the golden light of all creation that flows through us, exactly as it should.

That we are all better than good enough.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

We are all equally and uniquely worth the most rare and stunning specimen of gold.

When we understand our worth, it’s always epic and true. When we know our worth, we feel completely different about everything: in love, life, relationships, community, creation, family, our bodies, business, sexuality, money, Spirit. When we really know our worth, the healing and magic arises.

Why Gold? Because you are worth taking the time to cultivate a practice that truly supports you shining your gold.


First of all it’s the season of Vision. Of seed planting. Of birth. Spring is here and it’s time for us to turn the wheel to a place of renewal. What better way to renew our comittment to ourselves and our path than to begin a radical practice of worth?

The energy is perfect for diving in and owning our best stuff. The world is asking us now, to evolve, to become, to shine the golden light of our purpose.

Because there is no better time than right now to shine like gold with the coming Sun.


For 21 days we will explore our stories around worth and create practices that remind us we are solid + liquid + auric gold.

For 21 days, 5 women whose practice is to know their worth and who carry a deep desire for you to know yours {because when we ALL know our worth, new worlds are born} will share their stories, navigations and personal practices around worthiness.

This course is designed to support all genders. All are welcome and wanted.

For 21 days, you will receive:

~ emails filled with important, useful and beautiful content. delivered directly to you Monday-Friday for 3 weeks {we like to keep the weekends open to integrate and really practice the practice}
~ personal stories + practices; to connect and motivate you. believe us, you’re not alone.
~ prompts and deep questions; direct communication with the self around the why and how of the worth stories we tell.
~ simple + meaningful daily rituals; the small actions that begin to change the stories.
~ nourishing recipes; our bodies are worth the best.
~ private, optional Facebook group; for connecting and sharing {because sometimes it’s fun and helpful to do the work together}.

*The content you’ll receive is yours to keep. You can choose to explore alongside in community or to do it privately on your own and at your own pace or a mix of both. The important thing is that you’re actively nourishing your worth. Even after the course is complete, the content will be with you to continue to support and inspire.


Between the 2 of us there are 7 kids, 2 husbands, multiple businesses, 2 dogs and a whole lot of hours spent talking about everything from what to make for dinner to our deepest desires and challenges. So many of our conversations end in discussions around worth. It felt so big, so potent, so essential that we knew this was where we needed to go next. We are in the process of living it- living the questions around worth, creating daily practices, and supporting each other in journey of worth. We are honored and excited to dive deep into the process of Worth with you. Because we *know* we all are worth it. We believe whole-heartedly that worth is inherent and that being human sometimes means we vacillate regularly about just how worthy we are. The awareness of worth impacts everything we touch and care about; relationships, sexuality and our body, money and what we called here to do, how we treat ourselves and others in so many life situations.

Our vision is to shine the light on our worth individually and collectively, to create safe space for you to explore and challenge the obstacles and distractions that keep you from experiencing your full worth.

The world needs you to shine your full worth. The worth that is already there, waiting and ready for you to see it. Know your worthiness, because that is the place we have our most powerful impact, individually and collectively.

Are you ready to say yes to your gold?

If you are, come join us.

Your Guides:

MaryBeth Bonfiglio:


I am a writer of personal narrative, screenplays, scribbles on paper and graffiti marker on wood. Storytelling is my love language to others, activism for my radical, instigation for my bitch, healing for my wounds. Writing keeps my history alive and trans-formative and connects me with the beauty way of this world. Writing chips away at all that isn’t real, all that isn’t mine, and slowly reveals my most powerful essence: my true voice.

I am also co-founder and publisher of Amulet Magazine and co-producer of Itsabitch Podcast. I love anything to do with the tarot, as an intuitive, I use the card’s symbols, myths and stories to help guide people to the places of their unknown.

I have spent my entire life seeking my own Divine Worthiness when one day I realized it had always been there, all along. Now one of my most important daily practices is allowing that worth be seen; to feel it, taste it and utterly live it. To use it as empowerment for myself and my communities. Because worth isn’t something outside us. It is us. And I believe it initiates the most radiant ways + rays in it’s power to heal.

Danielle Cohen:

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 presetI am a photographer of intimacy, moments in between and full out embodied power. I work with creative mavens, lovers and beautiful humans ready and wanting to be seen or to see themselves more fully.  I love my big camera, my iphone camera and my Polaroid cameras.

I am also an intuitive, strategic guide and co-founder of Amulet. I’m a lifelong learner, devoted to practice, to devotion itself and to the 4 beautiful souls that chose me as their mama.

The beauty I see in the world and people around me, soothes and inspires me, reflecting it back out for all to see, fills me with purpose and pleasure. It is my deep desire for each one of us to know our full worth and to be able to meet our own gaze with pure love and adoration. From this place of beauty, love, peace and full awareness of our worth, I believe the most profound healing and change is possible.

Our Very Special Guests:

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Bari Tessler: Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur. Bari’s gentle, body-centered approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. She is the founder of The Art of Money: a global, year-long money school, which integrates Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps.

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Nita Rubio: Yogini in the Kaula Shakta Tantric tradition. She is a master teacher of the subtle body movement modality, The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®. Embodiment, traditional tantric lineage practice, feminism, and ritual intersect in Nita’s offerings.

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Hannah Marcotti: quietly impassioned motivator who serves as guide to your gorgeous life and business of the heart. She is a highly sensitive mama who wishes to help you dream and seek out the truth of your purpose and help you celebrate life. She is often found tattooing joy on the spirits of those in her community.