During advent, my partner and I try to craft a few gifts for the kids together. This wild and crazy holiday season, we basically were moving our lives into a yurt, so we got around to one handmade gift. We have chickens, so we gather the feathers that fall to the ground, the feathers after a slaughter, and the feathers that fall when those raccoons figure out how to open the coop. We have a huge bag of chicken feathers always on hand, but you can gather feathers from beaches or even order bags of feathers online. We prefer to find them organically, but whatever works for you…it just works, so go for it.


Here is an easy way to make Feather Wands for kids:

-Arrange your feathers in a fan shape. Don’t pick too many feathers, otherwise it gets tricky to work with. We picked 5-6 feathers for each fan. The feathers ranged from 2-6 inches for variety.
-Using a glue gun, drip tiny dots on the quill of feathers to hold them in place to create the fan arrangement of your choice.
-Using thin gold wire, wrap the quills tightly from the bottom, stopping where the feathering starts. Your feathers should be very secure now.
-Using leather cord {we used deerskin brown and white leather just purchased from our local craft store}, wrap the quills over the wire leaving a long piece hanging at the bottom.
-Glue gun tiny drops here and there to secure the leather in place. This takes some arranging and working, but it’s simple.
-Using the thin gold wire, we wrapped a 2-4 inch piece around the bottom of the leather cord to secure the wire to the leather.
-String a few beads onto the gold wire and twist and turn to secure the beads.
-To further adorn, we wrapped a bit more wire around the leather that held the quills together and glued a few beads here and there for some more pretty.
The girls wear these in their hair, play fairy with them, and use them to smudge their play space.
words + photos:  marybeth bonfiglio



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