IMG_1515 (2)As we get closer to our begin date for Gold, we have been distilling it down to the essence of so many things.

Worth is really about ownership of Self. Trusting the self. And moving deeper into that trust and intuition with every once of our being.

What a simple concept, right? It’s more of a life’s work and practice than anything else. We bring it down to Worth because it seems that with the owning of worth, areas of self-esteem, self-care, self-love begin to happen organically. When we figure out how damn important we are {and not in an entitled kind of way, but a self actualized kind of way} we just create the space to care for ourselves and others; because we get that we are worth it and it’s truly our responsibility to this world hold ourselves in a golden light.

you know……

you’re born with innate worth yet still struggle with receiving abundance in the form of love, money and energy, true partnership.

your are worth a life of full love + respect, but still seem to settle for less.

your body is entitled to nourishment, movement, + loving touch, yet they are so low on your priority list.

you are meant to be rooted in your worth and to grow from there.

your worth is connected to the expression of your creative work.

there’s a way for your practice around worth to create healthy boundaries, choices, and partnerships.

you can overcome these obstacles. that it may take time and practice, but it’s your time to become.

you are here to own your worth. and you are ready.

For this new moon. For this new season, the season of birth and opening our eyes and taking our first breath. How will you reclaim your worth? How will you own it even more? How will you rise up in ease and grace and become the You that You already are?

IMG_1564-GOLD (2) 
We’d love to have you in Gold to continue these conversations and practice all the ways we can step deeper into worth. Registration is open until March 24th at midnight pacific. Scholarships are available, we believe everyone is worth this process. Please require via our contact page.