firespellGather silver + gold coins and place them in a crystal or glass bowl and place it in a sacred space, a place you love to go to, that is surrounded by beauty. An altar.
Add a small vile of water next to it, a small green candle, some incense and a green gem such as jade or malachite.
Place a few drops of basil oil in the water every day as you stand before the space, calling upon the directions {north, south, east, west, above + below} and the elements {air, water, fire, earth}. Just say them and give a nod to what they mean to you. See yourself stepping out of lack and into pure abundance. Literally imagine what that looks like for you. Speak a prayer out loud and make it very clear what you are asking for. Is it money? Or just more time? Is it to have bills paid? Or enough to travel the world and then some?
Carve that number in your candle and light it every day as you stand before the space. Shake your ass in the name of plenty.
Twirl around.
Give thanks for what you have and all that is flowing your way.
And so it is.


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