The earth below her feet was solid and deep and still, but she couldn’t feel it. She was scattered above to the four corners of the compass, dancing a tango in the east and a salsa in the west, exhausted and out of step, for who can dance without a body. Only a thin invisible silk ribbon held her to her centre, a stillness waiting for her to return. And how she wanted to; she reached for it, hand out stretched, grasping, almost clawing and then an updraft caught her and she was gone.
And atop a cloud she found a pond, clear and crystal, her face reflected unmoving as she danced above. Lured within, she slipped deeply, falling back to her centre where she was once again able to dance in sync with the flow of the earth’s waters – her waters – still and calm within the movement.

Questions to help you delve into your own truths around grounding:

    • What does "grounded" mean to me?

    • How do I feel when I'm grounded?

    • How do I experience being ungrounded?

    • What makes me disconnect from feeling grounded?

    • What do I need to do to stay grounded?

  • What are some quick or easy ways I can access that sense of being grounded?