Have you always had a strong sense of your worth?

I think deep down, yes. But like any diamond in the rough or undiscovered gold mine- I’m still excavating that self worth. I think self worth builds up overtime. As we grow and mature. Our life experiences can either encourage a strong sense of self worth or destroy it and I am too stubborn to let anything destroy my worth.

Did it come easy and natural for you or have you had to cultivate your sense of self worth?

My garden of self worth has been a mess of rocks and weeds. I’ve had to add a lot of good shit to the soil in order to get things growing. And continual care of that garden is one I have had to give myself permission to nurture. I’m constantly pruning and trimming, cultivating and seeding. It’s hard work, but at the end of the day When I look at the life I have created and the experiences I have been through- my self worth is glittering!

Why do you think this is?

I think it all starts when we are young. Our family dynamics and what we are taught by our parents, teachers, role models, etc. can have a tremendous affect on how we value ourselves. I saw a lot of self criticism growing up.

I think subconsciously it sunk in and I never thought I would amount to much. As a youngster I was constantly belittling myself and putting myself in negative situations. I did not know how to own my worth. I’ve had to work very hard to chip away at the BS I had grown to believe about myself and put and end to perpetual familial cycles of shame, guilt and criticism.


What is your practice around staying in touch with your worth?

I’m a mother. I have too. I would be heartbroken if my children grew up thinking they were not the priceless gems I know them to be. Not saying I am a perfect example all the time, but if they see me or their father shaming or devaluing ourselves- what is it going to teach them?

I make time in the midst of daily chaos for self care – be it a cup of tea, a hot bath or good tussle with Mother Nature. But the one thing that helps me stay in touch with my self worth more than anything else- random acts of kindness. It makes me feel priceless!


Lindsay discovered her love of plant medicine at 15. Stashing away books on aromatherapy, herb magic, lore and healing arts.

Lindsay also studied and practiced massage therapy and Ayurvedic wellness therapies. Lindsay advanced her education in body therapies, clinical Ayurvedic herbal treatments and yoga.

Lindsay is always learning, researching and applying her knowledge of herbs in her family’s daily life.

Living on a rural small farm in the Pacific Northwest has given Lindsay a deeper appreciation for the enchanting realm of plant medicine and energy. As a grower of many herbs, Lindsay has developed an educated and natural instinct when it comes to knowing what plant medicines are necessary for well – being.

Concocting magical brews to help heal a broken heart or spirited medicines to assist with wellness.



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