1. Being a glorious divine self care mentor, what does worth have to do with self care? Is it a result of self-care? Or something that must be owned before one can care for the self? Or do they just happen together?

I’ve thought about this question often, especially with the women I work with both on retreats and in my programs. I’ve wondered … do you need to generate a bit of self-worth to truly take deep soul level care of your mind, body and soul.
Or, is it that you need to have a full well of self-worth in order to awaken the confidence to own your time, your voice and your truth so you can CLAIM what you need.
What I’ve learned is that there’s a divine-goddess within each of us. She knows just what we crave, yearn for and need on the deepest levels. And depending on the story of your ancestors, family of origin and the messages you received over a lifetime, particularly when you were growing up, this inner-goddess becomes hidden behind shadows of self-doubt and subtle cues of what’s “right”, “acceptable” and “polite” to ask for … even from our own selves.
This inner-divine-goddess knows exactly how you want to be touched, what you love to spend your days thinking about and how you want to move through the world..
This goddess, this inner-knowing of your needs peeks out every once in a while. She whispers to you in the early hours of the morning planting seeds of desire. You know those moments when you get angry enough to finally ask for what you need; when you’re slammed with your back against the wall and you say ‘fuck this … I’ve had enough’.
That’s when you grab the bits of confidence and claim what you need without apology. You begin to stake your claim on your life and put yourself first. You start to say YES to yourself and NO to others.
And so this voice gets louder, the goddess and your self-worth is lit up. Self-care becomes a mission, a way of thinking and feeling into what you need most in each moment.

In some ways then, self-worth and self-care are soul-twins and can be birthed together to create a powerful path.


2. I believe inherently we are all just born Worthy, and yes with a capitol W! But somehow we lose sight of that golden divine light and purpose. So our worth never leaves us, but it seems that “things” just get in the way, block our view, trigger us to believe some other kind of story about ourselves. What are the things {in yourself and your clients} that you often see standing between someone and their worth?

For so many women there is an inherent and deeply embedded idea about being good, polite and pleasing others. Even grown women who have their own successful businesses, careers and families are still holding on to old stories about themselves, about asking for what they need and feeling like they need to justify there existence in some way. Like just BEing present is not enough.

This WORTHINESS can come in the form of making money, being tidy, cooking perfect meals, being available for friends, family and co-workers whenever asked.

There are so many stories we see our own mothers play out in terms of self-worth. Stories about being perfect, being pretty, being nice and being tidy. Layer this with the external messages from the mainstream media about how women should look, act and feel, and you end up with the perfect storm of low-self worth.

So many women that I’ve worked with get stuck in indecision because they were never told that we are simply worthy because we are. Nobody tells us that we should go grab what we want … so we wait for permission. We wait for someone to tell us we have a good idea, a valid opinion and permission to take action.

I see this loop being broken with so many mothers and daughters now. So many women are honoring themselves and teaching their girls be embodying self-worth. And this is MAGIC!

3. How do you work through that? What are your practice around worth? What are worth practices you share in your business?

It’s my passion to help women get out of their head and back into their divine-body so they can improve intimacy, divine connection, and self-love in life, business and the bedroom.

I do this with a signature program that includes simple and powerful practices around creating sacred space, morning and evening self-care rituals and re-connecting with a deep level of intimacy and pleasure. The result is more joy, more play and becoming magnetic in life and work.

For example, one of the first things we explore is creating a sacred space such as an altar to create a focal point for reconnecting with that inner voice. Then we get into areas such as self-expression, clearing out any stuck energy in your life and creating a circle of support.

We start from the inside out and help to re-write those old scripts we’ve been carrying around way too long.

I’ve been refining and practicing everything I teach for over a decade. It’s absolutely powerful.

4. Talk to me about how incredibly important it is to have worth practices, to own our worth, and to show up in the world knowing we are nothing less than gold?

There’s something so beautiful, powerful and truly magnetic about a women walking in the world owning her worth. She knows how to love deeply, give freely and speak her truth.

When a woman is standing in her worth, she won’t stay silent when she has something to say. She will ask questions that need to be asked, create art that needs to be seen and give opinions that need to be heard.

A woman standing in her worth experiences fear, self-doubt and sadness … but these fleeting emotions only inform her … they never stop her.

We need women standing in their own worth to continue to create change, to stir shit up, to raise confident children and to light up the darkness.

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Elena Lipson is the Divine Self-Care Mentor, transformational coach, retreat leader and creator of the 21 Days of Radical Self-Care Rituals online experience. Through her coaching, retreats, and programs, Elena works with women all over the world to become the #1 asset in their life, business and the bedroom so they can reconnect to their purpose and passion.

Elena has lived in Russia, NYC, California and today happily enjoys the green trees and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her amazing husband, zen-kiddo and sweet-soul pup Chi-Chi. You can learn more about her and her work at www.elenalipson.com

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