Q: You bring such clarity to your work. From the way you communicate your offerings to what you charge {which is a form of communication, isn’t it} to your readings? How is your worth impacted by this, or is it your sense of worth that fuels this clarity?


A:  It all comes down to my sense of worth.  I come from a family of hard workers and work was always valued above everything else.  Every member of my family loves to work and we’re all lucky because we have careers that we happen to love.  As a child, we never had much money but my parents were adamant that we had allowances based on our effort.  I worked the hardest so I always had the biggest allowance.  This taught me early on that my good efforts deserved to be rewarded well, which really helped me as an entrepreneur working in a quirky industry.  I know that I work very hard to deliver a kind, reliable service and that allows me to show up with courage in my work.


When you value your self and your work, it’s much easier to transmit your value and to claim your rewards.  The most important thing that every woman can learn is to value what she brings to the table, whether she is an entrepreneur, sister, wife, mother, CEO, friend, nurse, teacher, healer, etc.  Everyone has some good work that needs to be respected.  Own that and bring your best forward, every day.
Q: Your products tend to be such a huge success, if that ever isn’t the case, does it trip you up? Tangle your sense of worth? If not, what scenarios or areas of life are the ones that can trip you up in terms of your worth from time to time?
A:  Selling out is never my priority so it doesn’t impact me if an offering sells out or doesn’t.  My mission is sincere and simple: I want to provide services that help people and I do my very best in that regard.  At times, my offerings may not resonate – other times, they do.  When they sell out, it’s nice. When they don’t, it’s not a problem because the people that need it will have it and those who don’t, won’t.  I’m perfectly fine with that and actually pretty Zen about my business.


The situations in life that might trip me up from time to time revolve around dishonesty.  I’m very sensitive to it and have a hard time not taking it personally when someone lies to me.  I am a straightforward woman and when someone feels a need to be less than honest, it makes me feel like they don’t value me enough to give me their truth.  In my close relationships, I want 100% honesty, even if it hurts.  That level of directness says that you honor me enough to show up completely.Q: When you’re sense of worth is disconnected, what’s your practice for getting back in alignment. Rooted in the truth of the gold you are?
A: Meditation and yoga are lifesavers for me.  Getting into my body and down to my core reminds me that I am a divine being.  A divine being is good and gold. We are all divine beings and if we remember that, we have less trouble connecting to our worth.


Another good practice is to spend time with people with whom you share a healthy bond.  Toxic relationships bring us down to the lowest common denominator, while healthy ones lift our spirits and remind us how good we are.  Feel free to release the negative people who waste time and energy with low-vibe talk, constant snark, bitterness, and cruelty.  When you keep that out of your energy field, you’ll feel more rooted in your own goodness.  Don’t let anyone drag you down.  Liberate yourself from that.What else?
We’re all ears… Tell us anything you’d like….
A:  Of course, you know I’m going to say a little something about tarot and astrology here.  I’ve been a long time reader of both and I’ve found that mystical tools can be a wonderful way to do some deep diving and clarity work.  Those tools help you to see where you are, what may come, and what might serve you best.  I feel they help me to live more consciously.  When you are aware of the energy, your actions, and the possibilities around you, you can transform your life into one that is healthy, happy, and clear.  And when you operate from that space, your struggles with self worth are minimal.  Seek a spiritual answer with whatever tools you prefer (prayer, meditation, numerology, art, etc) and let that help you to find the gold within.  It’s there.  You just have to seek it out by looking within.


Theresa Reed “The Tarot Lady”
As a Catholic schoolgirl with a superstitious mother and a grandma who felt omens like other folks feel arthritis, it’s not too surprising that Tarot, astrology & other intuitive arts would become my driving fascination — and my life’s work.
I picked up my first Tarot deck at age 15, and kick-started my career by performing readings on my little sister (most of her questions were about the cute boys in class. Some things never change.) Thirty years later, I’ve done readings on thousands of clients — from police officers to recovering addicts to new mothers to angst-ridden teens. I’m fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions — and lead happier lives.
I believe that nothing is fated, that everything is fluid — and that the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action. But only if you honor your emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence.

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