Tis the season for evergreen everywhere waiting to be our healer. This super simple oil is great for wind- and cold-dried skin, burns and also as a chest rub for respiratory love.
– Gather enough evergreens {pine, fir, spruce, cedar, etc whatever grows near you}
– Cut up greens roughly {you can wash if you like – I don’t tend to, the more earth the better}
– Stuff in a large, wide mouth canning jar 3/4 way up
– Pour enough organic oil over {I like olive or hemp oil for these plants} so that the plant material is fully covered.
– Allow to infuse for 1 moon cycle. Store it in a cabinet, on a windowsill, in the moon, under your pill, and shake it up every few days and make sure all the planet material is covered or it could go rancid.
– Strain all material and offer it back to the Earth and do a dance of thanks. Then you have your oil.
You can also make a balm of it ::
– 1 part oil :: 1 part beeswax.
– Melt the beeswax down in a double boiler, add the oil, and put in an airtight container and allow to solidify.
– Slather.