Today the moon is big, it is overflowing with light. The Strawberry Moon. The Rose Moon. The Honey Moon. It opens up to us today in the sign of Sagittarius on the day of Venus under the number 13.

That there is some magic in that. This moon is the beginning of a new rhythm for us all.

We love to invite everyone to find their own meaning and ritual during full moons, so that it feels true and healthy and assessable to you.

:leave a jar of water out tonight to drink first thing in the morning,
:burn candles as invocation
:cleanse your gems in the moonlight
:conjure up your wildest dreams
:gather in circle and celebration with your tribe
:craft, write, sing, dance, cook, clean, have lots of sex
:sleep outside
:make a big moon cake

Whatever it is that you choose to do to honor this rare and beautiful full moon, may you be blessed held with love. And because today is Friday, the day of Venus, it can never hurt to set your intentions around all things of beauty + love.

This full moon offers us a moment of fiery action, a moment to expand and open up, to align our lives with our philosophical, spiritual and creative visions. This doesn’t mean we need to do anything- actually quite the opposite- we just need to Fully Be. To embody exactly what we are, what we want, who we are becoming. It’s an opportunity to actually slow down, take a moment to remember what it’s really about for you. Open up to that. And by all means, take it slow. Pay attention. Enjoy the wave of energy that is coming into you, but breath it down into your soul. There is nothing to do or anybody else to be but you, right now, in this moment.

Focus on letting go of all that does not serve you. Release what’s been used and done. Enjoy the feeling of emptiness mixed with the energy of the full moon within your being. Spend time dancing with that sensation until the Solstice- when you can set your new intentions for the glorious season of the summer sun.

Today begins the illuminations and gate openings so we can step into the Summer season with freedom and ease and with our hearts wide open to See. And hopefully some of what we see is that summer is a time to savor the dry or sticky heat and to enjoy the sweet taste of long, joyful days and simple nourishing nights.

We often think of winter is the time to slow down, but really winter months are hard work. We put our heads down and go so deep inside… that takes up a lot of energy. It’s tiring.

But in the summer, we lift up, lighten up, unfurl possibility towards the sun, allowing the fire to do her work around us. We unfurl like the garden, all our nourishment needs are delivered with beauty and love. We allow the ocean to be our bath so that we can be exfoliated with clarity. And we lay in the grass… just because it feels so good and so right against our soft skin.

This summer let’s all try to slow down, be slow like honey, be slow like love. Let this full moon be a gateway to summer slowing us down, bringing us patience, setting us back into nature, back into the pace of the garden.

Some summer spells to sit with tonight. Or make your own list. And cast them under the light of this moon.

*Don’t make too many plans. Let each day unfold as it will

*Throw away that on-going list that stresses you out. Make a list of words that you want to feel, make a list of words that bring you into the energy of summer.

*Go pick strawberries. Somewhere near you there is a strawberry field. Take your time in finding it. Give yourself hours to get there. Spend all day looking for the juicy red of this month. Next month, make it blueberries.

*Stock up on honey. Pour it on your skin before you bath. Pour it in your lemon water. Pour it over poundcake. Pour it over your life, watch how it moves. Let it be your teacher.

*Burn fires. Make a simple fire pit in your yard with a shovel and some stones. Get some folding chairs. Get some wood. Sit around it at night with whiskey {that you have poured honey into} and tell stories to your kids, tell stories to your lover, tell stories to your future. Tell slow stories that last the entire season.

*Turn of social media for 80% of your summertime. Paint those paintings, write that book, carve that stone. Use only the inspiration being the sun, the warm earth beneath your feet, the balmy air at dusk, and the birdsong in the morning. Save your energy on your arts. Create. Find your muse between the flames.

*Gather pen pals and sit out on a blanket under an apple tree and write letters to people. Throw in some rose petals. Sprinkle them with glitter. Spray them with perfume. Include a magic spell especially for them. Put a stamp on it. And hand it right to your postal person, looking them in the eyes, and saying thank you.

*Camp. Glamp. Get a cabin. Whatever is comfy for you. But get out of dodge for a night. Say the hell with it to the street lights. Wake up with the sun with nothing else around you but space. Breath in that space.

*Love yourself sensually. You decide what that means.

*Spend time with people you adore. Laugh hard with them. Let them see the true you.

*Take on wearing sundresses with nothing under them.

*Eat a lot of salad.

*Kiss a lot of people. Or just one. But kiss a lot.

*Follow the rhythm of the sun rising and the sun setting, the moon waning and the moon waxing. Follow the rhythm of your heart under the burning heat of summer desire. Move your legs at the pace that feels healthy. Move your mind at the speed that feels true.

We hope you feel the magic of the full sweet moon. We hope you feel blazing love as the wheel turns into this next season, of passion and ease. Blessings as you walk slow, talk slow, and love as slow as slow can be.