When your gorgeously talented co-creator and sisterfriend joins fierceness with one of your addictively talented {also sisterfriend} contributors to create a travel writing experience, what else is there to do but ask them everything you can think of about it? Check out what they had to say below and when you’re done, hop over to their website to get all the deets and grab your spot!
Why beyond?
Because there is a world out there and we want to see it. And we want to see it from a different perspective than just a tourist or even as a local. We want to see it as a human intricately connected to it’s space and what conspires within that space.
The idea for an un-retreat has been thrown out for a long time, a gathering about getting Out versus going In. So that was the seed and when we really got down and dirty with it, it became not just about getting out, it became about exploration and it became about writing and it became about navigation and movement. We can sometimes get indulgent with our inner work being so “inner” and often when we take that work and mesh it with new external environments we gain a shift in process that can open new doors. Who are we when we step outside our lives and enter different landscapes with our eyes and hearts open? What can a strange land do to inform our healing and our seeking? What kind of longings can be fed while wandering? And what kind of stories of self + place are born from that.
Beyond is about going beyond the Self, Beyond travel, Beyond even travel writ-ing. It’s about exploration and adventure and paying attention to the world and who you are in it and what you have to say about that.
Why Nola?
Because it’s one of the best places on Earth. Color. Sounds. Tastes. Mystery. Grit. Grime. Holy. Disaster. Life. Sex. Death. If you think about cities as astrologi-cal signs I think of New Orleans as Scorpio. And what kind of pilgrim doesn’t want to venture to a scorpion city under the sea level? It’s almost too much mag-ic to even think about. This city is both sacred and profane. It’s also a place of so much devastation along side such extreme beauty and life. That’s a juxtaposition to be part of, to watch, to take photos of, to write about. To explore all the while exploring our own inner-New Orleans.
What else are you dreaming up together?
We are just dreaming that people will rise up, really start to see the world as a beautiful playground to be part of. To seek and find. We are dreaming up that people will meet up with us in New Orleans and own their edge and write about that. We are also dreaming up they will want to do it in Seattle in October and Chiapas Mexico in February of next year. We are just dreamers. So we are al-ways dreaming. And then doing. We are both fire signs so we burn through shit fast, let is ash and begin again. It’s good stuff.
What will a day at Beyond be/taste/feel like?
It will be as it is, in the moment. It will taste like what we will allow to enter our mouths and what we dare to let out as well. We will feel what we are willing to touch. Words that come to mind: spicy, buttery, decadent, musty, pink, rising smoke, burning rough, sticky sweet. A mix of velvet and rod iron, off beat and magic in a glass.
Who is Beyond for?
BEYOND is for the doers, the poets, the exhibitionists, the travelers, the wonderers, the wanderers, the storytellers, the misfits, the radicals, the empaths. It’s for the seers. It’s for those who long to write from a different perspective and travel the world from a different orientation. It’s a gathering made of wild ones, for those hungry to not only be seen, but to see. It’s for those who long to See.