In honor of Danielle Cohen, Amulet’s co-publishing design hottie, vision midwife, and the guru who goes deep into the trenches to get this field guide done and real for ya’ll, we decided to take a girls trip to the beloved city of Portland. Because you only turn 26 once, right? {Hey Dani, 40 looks smokin’ on you btw. And for the record, Amulet fully supports the beauty that the turn of each wheel brings, each year that brings us wisdom. We don’t grow old, we grow wiser.}
Our weekend trip was all about the post solstice super full moon, drinking wine, eating rich and delicious foods, staying in a fabulous hotel {why is it that even in the downtown business district of Portland the vibe is cute-n-cozy?} and to make some pure magic with the jaw dropping grace, talent and beauty of Rachael Rice at Soulshine Studios in The Pearl.
Rachael Rice is one of our empress rock star contributors whose non-stop gorgeousness brings the world creations infused with intention and spirit, presence and statement. Her gig is dreamcatchers for the most part and her dreamcatchers are beyond… they are story woven into handwork, a universal story made incarnate. They smash the paradigm and bring something totally new while honoring tradition and ritual. Rachel was offering a one-day workshop at the salivating- to-die for loft studio of artists and visionaries: Flora Bowley, Kelly Ray Roberts, Pixie Campbell and Lynzee Lynx.
Both Danielle and I were pretty sure that we had some serious magic to make that weekend and we knew that Rachael was going to hold exactly the right space for us. We have some dreams that are scratching at our insides and singing some loud songs to be born. What better way to do that than in community, using our hands, being seen, and given permission to create as we do? As we will? As women have done since forever?
So first we bought close to $40 of chocolates infused with Santo Palo oil and coffee made by the cutest man ever, and then we decided to strip down a bit {it was hot!} and snap some 80’s inspired window sill/perfectly lit {the light was sublime!} photos on the landing of each 5 floors we had to climb to reach the studio. We finally made it to Rachael’s magical world inside the studio and settled into this magnificent and inspiring space.
Rachel brought us deep into our stories, allowed us to sink into meditations of clarity and helped us re-pattern our ideas into what we really desire. It was a process of listening to our guts, our hearts, and allowing our longing to come out our hands.
First we painted, a practice in letting go, releasing color and shape, form and spirit. Then we began the weaving. Using natural willow or metal hoops, we chose carefully our fibers and colors and at each loop and pull we infused the web with our dreams, the dreams of our families, of our communities.
Rachael had tables full of feathers, shells, beads, crystals, fluff, do-dads, bling, rocks, bark, leaves- anything and everything to create the dreamcatcher that wanted to be made by our hands. We were in a trance. Hours past. Sweat dripped. Sweet jazz played. Water was gulped. Stories were told. Mistakes were made and from them such beauty emerged. We held on and let go. We were careful and totally sloppy. We made a mad mess and got clear on every.single.detail.
It was a perfect blend of art, community, spirit and magic.
Each of our dreamcatchers couldn’t have been more beautiful, diverse and an expression of our inner journey for that day. They ranged from textural to simple. Punk rock to organica.
I think we spent about 7 hours at soulshine with Rachael and it felt like about 30 minutes. Our hearts were filled, our hands felt useful, our dreamcatchers now living examples of the boldness and the raw miracles that we each possess inside.
{Click here to download an amazing DIY PDF for children’s dreamcatchers by Rachael Rice from our Spring 2013 Field Guide}
{grab your hot and sticky weather brew, sit back and get ready- Summer Amulet is about to be yours for the loving and reading! We can’t wait to share the playful heat with you! If you haven’t grabbed your Spring issue yet, there’s still time to catch up!}