Forage. Wild harvest. Wild craft. Wild you. Wild urban. Wild rural. Wild women. Wild families. Your medicine. Your food. Your life. Dig deep for what grows within and without. Claim the medicine and nourishment. Jump in.
When I asked D what she’d personally like to read of mine in the Summer issue of the field guide, she said to me: something about wild harvesting and wildcrafting.
And I thought about that. And although I love a good tutorial and DIY about herb and plant crafting, I felt there was something more there.
When I started going outside and reaching in the earth and pulling out plants to craft with, I didn’t know anything about it. I certainly didn’t know more than any one else. I just decided it was something I wanted to do. At the moment, I knew it was my season to learn. And I was to learn by doing, releasing my doubt and truly unschooling myself directly in the field- that at the time was a very large urban field: Los Angeles. It was my time to get out and go inside and forage what I knew was waiting for me.
Because really we are talking about the same thing. Learning to trust the wild. In nature and in ourselves.
So much is right there in front of us, the exact medicine for us, and yet we forget it’s as easy as reaching out, trusting and taking the risk to bring it home, into our bodies, into our souls.
It’s time. To embrace the wild. To forage not only the foods and herbs that dance and grow locally in our back yards, but to forage the dreams that live in our bones. The dreams that grow roots in our center and bloom big in our hearts.
In this summer’s issue I write about living the wild harvest. Here’s a sneak peak of the article:
Pay attention. Attention clears the way. When you see something that looks like, let’s just say, nettles, or perhaps a kick-ass possibility to change your game, put on some gloves {or don’t, I personally like the sting} and ask yourself permission to try. Listen. Sometimes you might have to listen for years and that’s okay. But mostly try not to wait for more than a minute- the universe likes speed. Make the answer a Yes and then go for it. And I mean go for it. Don’t worry about how. Don’t worry about bird crap. Don’t worry about if you are doing it right or if you are looking good. There is no being good in this game. There is only passion.
This is how we wild harvest everything. We go for it. We don’t wait for it to be handed to us in a pretty bag, labeled, with instructions. There are no instructions. There is only the wisdom that has run through the blood of our grandmothers. That runs through the creeks and the streams. That runs through the hands of our lovers against our skin. And without a doubt grows in tiny, dirty cracks in concrete and in vast fields of pristine green. –MaryBeth Bonfiglio, Amulet, Summer Issue 2013
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