Birthing the Spring Issue was like all other natural birthing processes- the seeds stirred when the earth’s surface began to thaw. This is when we started gathering together, communing with our creative contributors with what the vision was for Spring. And by the time the crocus began to push through the surface, we were ready for production.
I think it’s really innate movement. Creating with the natural rhythms of the larger and the micro cycles of the earth seems to happen organically for the most part. It’s just that we often fight it because we create unreasonable expectations for ourselves. But, when we begin to live with conscious intention about the cycles, it becomes us and things start to flow. We are just learning this as well, but the more we pay attention to the when and how we do things, the easier it all happens. We don’t want to just offer you content that inspires you, we want to create the guide with the same inspiration. We want to live and share all the ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle in every aspect; where creation is never forced, but becomes a flow of natural goodness.
Amulet is a living organism, composed of a creative community that thrives on the practice of wise living- from self-care spiritually, physically, and creatively- to caring for the Earth around us, paying attention to her beautiful seasonally rhythms and know that the secret to joyful living is synching ourselves up with those natural rhythms.
It’s a place to share all our sacred stories- though words, art, good food, community, herbalism, parenting, and general breathtaking beauty. It’s a place to inspire with our sacred stories, how each of our stories bring us closer to ourselves, our homes, our communities, and our planet. Amulet hopes to be a guide around the Wheel of Seasons, to help us live in a more circular flow than a straight line. We hope to inspire a new {yet ancient} timekeeping that has been since the beginning of time- the feminine way- so we all can experience a more joyous, connected and creative life.