maya-01As mamas (ten kids between the three of us!) we are constantly looking to warm things up.  To pad our homes.  To create soft landings.  Just a little more.  Sometimes it’s in our voices, in our marriages + in the relationships our kids have out in the world.  But most of the time it’s in our havens, where the wee ones & tall ones spend their nights.  As a Snake sign, I’m always looking for the fire, the hot stone, the burst of red & orange. So…
Here’s a quickie way to cozy up some table legs & also bring in the yummy energies of 2013, Year of the Water Snake.  Between you + me + pretty much everyone, this is also one of the ways I soften my edges when the kids are upset about something.  Or as my husband D would say, smooth out so nothing sticks (very snakey).  They talk + instead of responding, I listen.  I listen + I rock, back-and-forth, wrapping the many legs of our home.  It’s so much easier to give them space when my hands are going.  I’ve been single-parenting this week, so when D returns today he’ll be full of stories.  I may need to wrap the stair banister.  It’s begging for something thick and sturdy and nautical (a giant water snake?).  A balance point for this sun-colored home with four men.
Do find yourself doing that, now, too?  Shifting the flow of your home, knowing there’s no true balance, but moving towards a more harmonious space for all that’s coming this Year of the Snake?  Color’s the perfect way to do that.  We have 11 full months set for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline are necessary for us to achieve what we set out to create. This sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected.  My Chinese grandmother Mary said Snake in the house is a good omen because she’s a wellspring of creativity that always seems to have money flowing her way.
We’d love to share how you bring Snake into your home. Send us some pictures on Facebook!  xo, maya

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