amuletwelcome1 I have to tell you something crazy. We are so glad you’re here. Because we are wiped in the best way & need some table time with our girls. You know what I mean? Yes. You know what I mean.
The crazy thing is…you should go do the crazy thing. That one you’re considering. That extreme thing that doesn’t really seem extreme to you, because, it is, after all, an idea that came to you by coming thru you. You dialed-in thing, you.
It will just become that next edge you walk, right? We will walk it with you.
Beyond being positive, we are real moon mamas, given by the sequence of tides & the stars in the sky. We are always on time, daughters of the Earth, in foverer-beat with Her Ways, making our days, Her Days. And that pretty much translates as This Week…
*6 of our 10 kids had fevers. And we watched them. Put them in our beds. Slapped lemon slices on their feet & covered those feet with wool socks to pull the heat down from their pinked faces. Belladonna, Nux Vomica, alla those homepathic remedies flew fast & furious.
*We schlepped teenagers all over LA, goats & turkey thru the yard & tinctures across the yurt.
*We homeschooled. The 15 year-old. The 4 year old. The three year old.
*A husband returned heartside & hearthside, where he most dreamed of being. Another flew away for 4 days to get calibrated. It’s a circus.
*We had community meals, where others came, cooked, & cleaned. We met out with the beloveds. We were nourished.
*One of our homes went up for sale. We are starting fresh. And things we love are curbside. There’s feelings!
*We brewed. Sparkling things. Fizzy things. Spray things.
*Our businesses continued to breathe, sing & demand, despite our creative frenzy over here.
*Nights were spent pouring over details, trying to choose between a million kinds of font, photo & editorial candy.
and finally,
*We made a Field Guide. From our extended family of Sisters. To our extended famly of Sisters.
Phew. Okay. See how you hold our basket when we need to empty? We need to do this more often.
And your heart, sweet one? What’s this week been for you? Let us be your basket-holders. We’re honored to be so.
xo, maya, marybeth + danielle