Dana Tate Bailey is a ceremonial herbalist and practicing wild wummin. Visit her and her partner, Nessa, at the Wummin House.

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Amulet Field Guide SALE

Posted on January 12, 2014

Happy Winter from Amulet!
Announcing the Winter Mini-Guide and Three Day Sale!
To show our appreciation for each and everyone of you, for your amazing support and love for our mission, we are offering a ONE-TIME SALE on our digital field guides!
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Blessed be!
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Tools + Talisman: Stone Medicine Gift*Away with {Marissa Moondaughter}

Posted on January 9, 2014

There is a companion we all have who is so close but far away. She is gentle and silent, yet pulls us into her waves so deeply whether we know this or not. Sister Moon is in a continual dance with Mother Earth. Spinning; circling; spiraling. She keeps us turning with the wheel of the seasons, she pulls the tides, and as women, she draws us into her mysterious ebb and flow.
My intention and motto I try my best to live by is, “the moon my compass.” I truly believe the more we embrace the dance of our own ebb and flow, with the moon as our loving guide, there will be more balance in our emotions, energy, relationships, and overall well-being. Another part of my motto is “stones my companions.” Crystals are perfect companions working with the Moon. They bring down the energy of our celestial sister so we can work tangibly with her energy on our earthly plane.


I wanted to share with you some simple ways to connect with Luna’s energy through our stone companions. Simply by carrying them through Her phases, we walk our path with more intention and spirit.


The New Moon is actually between the Earth and the Sun so it is hidden from view at this time. This is the beginning of the Lunar cycle and is a rebirth and regeneration of energy. Great stones to work with to embrace change and new beginnings are Green Aventurine, Moonstone, Ruby, and Citrine. Carry these with you and whisper your intentions into them. You may feel more creative and inspired during this phase.


The Waxing Moon is a time to move. Luna is growing to fullness and this is the time to focus your energy to bring your intentions into fullness as well. Stones to carry with you to magnify and focus your intentions are Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Flourite. To keep your energy up carry Carnelian, Fire Opal, and Red Jasper.


The Moon has now waxed to Her fullest potential. She is ripe and her illumination is the strongest at this time. Celebrate your femininity and sensuality. Celebrate the love and blessings in your life. This is a time to attract what you most desire. Crystals for owning your femininity are Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, and Ruby. Abundance stones are Jade, Emerald, Citrine, and Clear Quartz.


The Moon begins her spiral into darkness. This is a time of rest and reflection of your cycle – embracing the ebb in your moon dance. Your intuition can become louder as you descend into your own shadows. Listen to her voice. Calming, restful crystals for this time are Amethyst, Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate, and Celestite. Stones for shadow work are Labradorite, Merlinite, and Phantom Quartz.
And then the cycle begins again….
Of course, there are many, many stones and crystals to use and carry with you. The fun part is discovering and exploring their unique relationship with you! I named a few to get you started ;)


I am honored to give away one seat in my basics of crystal healing course, Stone Medicine, to Amulet readers!  We’ll be learning to work with crystals in a fun magical community.  Please leave a comment below to enter. Don’t forget to include your email address!

We’ll draw names on January 15th. The course starts on January 20th.

For more info please Click here.
If you would like to learn more about specific stones I believe every woman should have for her Lunar work and embracing the Moon Priestess within, sign up for my newsletter for my free seven day workshop starting January 12th! Click here to sign up.
Visit Marissa at Moondaughter for more soulful moon and crystal musings.

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Pour: A Winter Solstice Prayer {Lisa Field-Elliot}

Posted on January 6, 2014



winter solstice prayer (for my daughter)

know your darkness, dear one.

take it in, roll it on your tongue.

own those shadowy hollows, and their rough edges.

befriend your fears, feel your heartache

understand the value of retreat.

get your skirt wet,

fold in

and touch the ground as often as you need to.


because you, my dear,

are the brightest light I have ever stood in.

you are volume, tenacity, brilliance;

the song in the shower.

you are certain to start

a few fires.


i am not suggesting that you dim, my sweet girl.

only reminding you that one does not rise,

without the other setting.

there will be nights without stars that you can see.


do you remember that you cried once when you were small,

begging for me

to make the sun go away?

you wanted to go to sleep.


so now i offer, on this shortest day,

when the darkness comes fast,

that it is ok to take time barefoot on the earth,

to lay your head down and let your prayers

rise up.


i will cradle your resilience,

your truth, your astonishing light,

while you rest.

~Lisa Field-Elliot

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